Waqanki Lodge

an outlying foothill of the Andes
That's an outlying foothill of the Andes; its top is about 2000 feet higher and three hours away.
We're going up
We're going up.
Waqanki hike
Waqanki hike
In Peru, everything is always uphill. Or downhill.
Waqanki hike
We're really out in the jungle now.
Waqanki cabin
Except that people live out here. As far as I could tell this cabin is accessible only by hiking.
Waqanki coffee
They are growing coffee
Waqanki coffee
Waqanki coffee
Coffee. Not sure if this qualifies as shade-grown or not.
Waqanki coffee
Coffee flower buds
Waqanki coffee
Coffee beans
Waqanki bananas
Some bananas too
Plumbeous kite juvenile
This raptor stumped both our guides for a bit
Until it flew to join its parents
Plumbeous kites
Revealing itself as a juvenile Plumbeous Kite
Crested Oropendola
I also happened to catch a flying Crested Oropendola
Waqanki hike
It's called “cloud forest” for a reason. The reason why so many of my photos are hazy.
Blue-rumped Manakin
We climbed this mountain in search of the endangered Ash-throated Antwren. It's a species so rare that it was not discovered until 1983, and the very peak of this mountain is one of only a couple of places where it can be found. In fact we did find one! But without a photo opportunity. However, nearby I did get photos of this Blue-rumped Manakin.
Waqanki hike
Looking down from near the top
leaf butterfly
A butterfly doing a good job of mimicing a leaf
group at Waqanki
After the hike; Derb, me, the local guide from Waqanki, our guide Henry, Merrill, Chris.