Western Panama

Volcan Baru from Hotel Dos Rios We stayed two days at Hotel Dos Rios in the village of Volcan. From the hotel we could look up at Volcan Baru, or at least at the clouds covering it.
Hotel Dos Rios The hotel's grounds are parklike and we saw some good birds there.
Driving in the Rain The first time that we encountered heavy rain, half of us were riding in a van with no working windshield wipers. Our Panamanian driver drove on without comment.
Torrent Tyrannulet site I didn't get a shot of the Torrent Tyrannulet but this is the spot where it was.
Farm fields We saw lots of vegetable fields up in the mountains, both in the flats of valleys like this and on the lower reaches of steep slopes.
We also saw coffee growing.
coffee coffee
and great scenery.
scene scene

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