We stayed three days at Cabanas Burbayar, northeast of Panama City on the Continental Divide on the boundary between the provinces of Panama and San Blas.

This is the Llano Carti road which we took to Burbayar. Needless to say it's 4WD only. This road is actually shown on large-scale maps of Panama such as this one (Look just below El Porvenir).

Road to Burbayar Road to Burbayar
leaders at burbayar sign Sixto, Burbayar's resident guide, and our guide John Arvin.
cashew We saw cashews growing here.
Burbayara was just like what you expect a tropical rainforest to be like. The temperatures were comfortable 70's but the humidity was about 99.9%.
On the trail at Burbayar On the trail at Burbayar
Hill at Burbayar The terrain was a bit steep in places.
A Cabana at Burbayar Burbayar has no electricity. Our homes for three days were open air huts with a thatched roof. Fortunately there were no mosquitos here, or any place that we went on the entire trip.
Main building at Burbayar The main building next door had a thatched porch.
Thatched roof Underside of the porch roof.
Dining table at Burbayar Under which we were served great meals in the open air.
Dining table at Burbayar ... in the evening, by lamplight.

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