Brazil 2010: Odds and ends

Other fauna: snake, lizard, termites

Gas is very expensive in Brazil and practically all cars are very small. By far, the most popular make of car is Volkswagen. Our rental car was the most popular model of VW, the Gol, which as its name suggests is about 3/4 of a Golf. But it did an excellent job of getting us around on rough roads.


Driving through Sumidouro, a typical small town.


A typical city neighborhood


In contrast to my previous Latin American visits, every place that we stayed had hot water for showers. In a couple of places the heat came from a rather frightening-looking electrical heater in the shower head. I've seen these before, but these were the first I've seen that actually worked.

Pousada Chão da Serra

A restaurant where we ate some meals


There would have been a difficult decision here if we hadn't already figured it out. Note to self: Learn more Portuguese next time.


The usual Latin American toilet request.

Pousada Pedacinho d'Itália

While I was deciding whether or not to go on this trip, I had a prophetic Chinese dinner (click the cookie).

Fortune cookie

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