Hummingbirds at Tandayapa

How to photograph Hummingbirds

Most lodges have hummingbird feeders, which make it very easy to observe hummingbirds. On this trip, I observed 37 hummingbird species, mostly at feeders, and photographed 26 species.

Band-tailed Barbthroat — at Reserva Canandé (not at feeder)

White-whiskered Hermit — at Milpe

White-necked Jacobin — at Reserva Canandé

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Brown Violet-ear — at Tandayapa

Green Violet-ear — at Tandayapa

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Sparkling Violet-ear — at Tandayapa

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Green Thorntail video

Green Thorntail female — at Mirador Rio Blanco

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Western Emerald — at Tandayapa

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Green-crowned Woodnymph — at Milpe

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Rufous-tailed Hummingbird — at Mirador Rio Blanco

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Andean Emerald — at Tandayapa

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Speckled Hummingbird — at Bellavista

Fawn-breasted Brilliant — at Mindo Loma

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Green-crowned Brilliant — at Mirador Rio Blanco

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Buff-tailed Coronet — at Mindo Loma

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Velvet-purple Coronet — at Mindo Loma

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Brown Inca — at Mindo Loma

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Collared Inca — at Bellavista

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Buff-winged Starfrontlet — at Yanacocha

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Great Sapphirewing — at Yanacocha

Unfortunately only one shot of this huge slow-flapping hummingbird with sapphire wings.

Gorgeted Sunangel — at Bellavista (not at feeder)

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Sapphire-vented Puffleg — at Yanacocha

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Purple-bibbed Whitetip — at Tandayapa

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Booted Racket-tail — at Tandayapa

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Violet-tailed Sylph — at Refugio Paz de las Aves

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Purple-throated Woodstar — at Bellavista

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