Birding Brazil 2010 — Trogons, Jacamars, Puffbirds, Woodpeckers

Surucua Trogon Trogon surrucura 13 Oct 2010, Guapi Assu Bird Lodge

Surucua Trogon

Surucua Trogon Trogon surrucura 20 Oct 2010, Caraça

Surucua Trogon Surucua Trogon

Three-toed Jacamar Jacamaralcyon tridactyla 18 Oct 2010, near Carmo. This is a very endangered endemic that we made a special trip to see. Apparently it is still fairly easy to find in the right place, but right places have become very few.

You can see in the first two photos that it has only two forward-pointing toes on each foot. Q: Is that why it's called Three-toed Jacamar?

Three-toed Jacamar Three-toed Jacamar

A: No, jacamars are zygodactyl. This species is three-toed because it only has one backwards-pointing toe instead of two as in other jacamars.

Crescent-chested Puffbird Malacoptila striata 13 Oct 2010, Guapi Assu Bird Lodge

Crescent-chested Puffbird

White-barred Piculet Picumnus cirratus 14 Oct 2010, Guapi Assu Bird Lodge. A little tiny woodpecker.

White-barred Piculet White-barred Piculet

19 Oct 2010, Caraça

White-barred Piculet White-barred Piculet

Robust Woodpecker Campephilus robustus 10 Oct 2010, Itatiaia National Park. A small congener of the Ivory-billed Woodpecker. Later, we heard some of them doing double-knocks.

Robust Woodpecker Robust Woodpecker Robust Woodpecker

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