Kenai Fjords

We took an all-day boat trip out of the city of Seward (which is not on the Seward peninsula, that's where Nome is) to see Resurrection Bay and Kenai Fjords National Park. The boat was a smaller one than we anticipated, and the waters rougher (6+ foot seas at times). This made photography challenging, to say the least. Due to weather conditions, we couldn't go quite as far as Aialik Glacier where we hoped to have the best chance at finding Kittlitz's Murrelets. However we did see Orcas, Steller's Sea Lions, Harbor Seal, a Humpback Whale, Dall Porpoise, Mountain Goats, and Sea Otters, as well as some of the same seabirds as at St. Paul, along with spectacular scenery.

The coast featured many rocky cliffs, some of them sites of seabird nesting colonies.

We did see two big glaciers, first Bear Glacier

(Satellite photo of Bear Glacier).

and then Holgate Glacier. Its face is hundreds of feet high.

(satellite photo of Holgate Glacier)

Occasionally "small" pieces would calve off.

A field of small ice chunks clunked against the boat's hull.

We saw a pair of sea otters playing

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