eBird filter save tool for reviewers

Version 1.0

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The eBird filter save tool allows a reviewer to extract the data from an eBird filter web page into a .csv file, which can be downloaded and then opened in a spreadsheet program.

The tool must be installed as a "bookmarklet". Bookmarklets are probably unfamiliar to most people but you can read about them on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bookmarklet. You will have a bookmark for the tool; when you are on an eBird filter page, simply click the bookmark, and a link that says "Download spreadsheet" will be superimposed at the top of the page. Click on this link to download the .csv file, and then open the file in Excel or other spreadsheet program. To get rid of the link, simply reload the page.

How to install the bookmarklet on Windows

Probably you have never installed a bookmarklet before, so take care to follow these simple instructions exactly.

Click and drag this button eBird filter saver to your Bookmarks Toolbar (Firefox), bookmarks bar (Chrome), or favorites bar (Edge).

If you want your bookmark to be somewhere else other than a toolbar, you can use your browser's bookmark manager to move it once you've installed it.


Macintosh is supposed to support bookmarklets but I have no way to test it. For Firefox and Chrome, it may well work exactly as described here for Windows. Google is your friend. Let me know your results.


In itself, downloading the filter data in this way may not be much more valuable than just saving the web page. However, the downloaded file has the advantage that it can be easily processed by another application. One such application is the eBird filter comparator, which compares two saved filter files and reports the differences.

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