eBird trip report GPS track downloader

(Browser extension)

Kent Fiala

Version 1.0 —

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On an eBird trip report, this browser extension provides a way to capture all of the available GPS tracks and save them in a single gpx file. Clicking on the “Checklists” button (just below the map) adds a new button to the end of the “Edit” pulldown menu, labeled “Download tracks” as shown in the figure below. Clicking "Download tracks" downloads a .gpx file

This extension is only functional on trip reports that you own or that you have joined. Simply having a link to someone else's report is not sufficient. Within the report, GPS tracks will be available only for checklists that you own or that you share.

In a trip report that is shared with others, be sure to switch to your own personal view (where it says "DATA FOR:", select your own name).

Tracks from hidden or flagged checklists are not included.

The downloaded gpx file can be loaded into Google Earth or other GPS software.

If you open the gpx file in Google Earth, which you can do by drag and drop, you'll get this dialog:

Initial Google Earth dialog

So you want to change the dialog to look like this before you click "OK":

Final Google Earth dialog


Screenshot illustrating URL button
Showing the location of the added “Download tracks” button in the Edit button menu

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