eBird trip checklist exporter

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On an eBird trip report, this browser extension provides a way to capture the checklist URLs in your clipboard. Clicking on the “Checklists” button (just below the map) adds a new button to the end of the “Edit” pulldown menu, labeled “Copy checklist URLs” as shown in the figure below. Clicking Copy checklist URLs doesn't have a visible effect (except that the button disappears) but it places a list of the URLs of all the report checklists in your clipboard. You can then paste the list into another application that can process such a list. An example of such an application is eBird checklist compiler

This extension is only functional on trip reports that you own or that have been shared with you. Simply having a link to someone else's report is not sufficient.


Why would you want this?

I feel that the absence of a provision for exporting data to another format is a real shortcoming of eBird trip reports. In particular, consolidating data from multiple trip reports, such as in preparing a Christmas Bird Count summary, is still a laborious process. Being able to capture the list of checklist URLs is a big help with such tasks.

Screenshot illustrating URL button
Showing the location of the added “Copy checklist URLs” button

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