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Provides a button for creating a URL to be used in sharing a checklist. Clicking the button saves the URL in the clipboard.

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The sharing interface provided by eBird works well for sharing a checklist or two with a couple of companions, but it gets awkward when you want to share with a large number of companions and/or to share a large number of checklists all at the same time. The eBird sharing link extension makes volume sharing easier.

Let's say that you want to share 10 different checklists each with 20 other birders. Using the eBird-provided tool, you would have to set up the 20-way share 10 different times, using eBird's contact management tool, and worse you would have to barrage each of those 20 birders with 10 different emails, each containing a link to a single one of the checklists. Each birder would have to manage the 10 emails, make sure they got them all, make sure they clicked on the link in each email.

When you've installed the eBird sharing link extension, you'll have a button labeled "Sharing URL" positioned just below the regular "Share" button. When you need to do a large-scale share, first set up an empty email message addressed to each person that you are sharing with, and then open each checklist in turn and in each one of them click "Sharing URL" instead of "Share". When you click "Sharing URL", the link for sharing the checklist will be saved in your clipboard. Switch to your email message and paste the URL before going on to the next checklist. When you have finished with all your checklists, send that one single email message to your companions, and they will each receive just one email containing all the links, which they can click on in turn.

Note: Please understand that the URL in your clipboard will not do anything at all for you (just take you to your list of checklists). This is because you can't share your own checklist back to yourself. The generated URL only has value on someone else's account. To try it out, either send it to a birding companion, or sign in to another account if you have one.

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