eBird reviewer utilities—browser extension

Kent Fiala

Version 1.3.15, released 6 September 2023

Link to install Firefox extension—Click link then “Add to Firefox”

Link to install Chrome extension—Click link then “Add to Chrome”

Link to install Edge extension—Click link then “Get”

This browser extension provides a number of enhancements for the eBird review web pages. Note that eBird review web pages are available only to eBird reviewers.

The extension works on Firefox, Chrome, and Edge, on a desktop or laptop. I'm sorry I am not equipped to make extensions for Apple browsers. I'm also sorry that the extension can't run on mobile devices, because neither Firefox nor Chrome have much support for mobile extensions.

To install in your browser, just click the appropriate link above, and then "Add" or "Get".

Firefox users: if you are stuck on Version 1.3.3, you must do a one-time manual update to get to the current version. Click on Tools->Add-ons and Themes, click the gear icon at the top right, and click "Check for updates".

Enhancements for the traditional review page

Added functions pull-down

Showing the position of the Add-ons button

At the top of the traditional review queue page, the extension adds a hyperlink labeled "Add-ons".

Showing the Add-ons menu when opened

When you hover the mouse pointer over "Add-ons", a list of clickable links to added features pops up. You can click the feature that you want to use.

These are the added features accessible from this list:

Display enhancements

Per record enhancements

Enhancements for Quick Review

The enhancements for Quick Review appear between the top panels and the “DOCUMENTATION” heading, as illustrated below.

Screenshot showing new features

One other enhancement:

Enhancements for Quick Review email

Enhancement for the History page

There is one addition to the History page.

Showing the eBird species map button on the history page

At the upper right corner is a link labeled “eBird species map for season”. This is the same map link as described under Enhancements for Quick Review, and it shows distribution of accepted records for the species in the vicinity of the checklist location, during the months around the checklist's date.

Enhancements for the Filter page

Enhancement for the Search Results page

If a search returns fewer results than the maximum that can be displayed, the standard interface shows that it is displaying the maximum number of results. This extension shows the actual number of results

Display of number of search results

All links provided by this extension open in new windows (or new tabs). I advise against following links forward or backward from any of these windows; it gets confusing. For best results, just close the window when you finish with it and go back to the original window.

I also have some other browser extensions and web applications that enhance eBird in various ways. You might find them of interest as well.