eBird checklist compiler (Version 3)

Version 3: You can choose to have the output report as a web page instead of a workbook, and to sort by date.

Input: Checklists or Trip Reports
Click to fetch the specified checklist(s) from eBird.

What it is

You can enter multiple eBird checklists and/or trip reports into eBird checklist compiler, and it will return a single Excel workbook containing data from all of the checklists. This workbook has one spreadsheet for counts and a second spreadsheet for comments. The cells of the two spreadsheets are aligned.

Here is a sample blue tag. A comment is displayed when you hover or tap a blue tag.

Optionally, you can obtain the output as a web page instead of a workbook. The web page report is a single table. Any checklist or observation comments will be indicated by a blue highlight as seen in the example at the right. A comment is displayed when you hover over or tap a blue tag


A compiled spreadsheet is handy for compiling a Christmas Bird Count, or other such group count. You might also like such a spreadsheet to summarize a trip, or multiple visits to a location, for example. A web page is handy as a quick summary of a few checklists.

What you do

  1. In the “Input: Checklists or Trip Reports” form above, list one or more checklists or trip reports and click “Go!”. eBird checklist compiler will fetch the checklists from eBird.

    Let's say you have a checklist https://ebird.org/checklist/S60513355. You can copy-and-paste just the "S60513355", or you can copy-and-paste the whole "https://ebird.org/checklist/S60513355". If you enter multiple checklists, enter them on separate lines, or else just separate them with spaces or commas. For example you could enter

    S60513355, S60533760, S60593564, S60652303
    S60513355 S60533760 S60593564 S60652303

    Likewise for a trip report you could enter

    or just

    You can enter more than one trip report; for example you could join two 30-day trip reports to get one 60-day summary.

  2. Click Go! and wait for the checklists to be retrieved from eBird (it takes a while).
  3. You'll be prompted to open or save the generated Excel workbook (if you choose that option).
  4. Note: Excel may open in “PROTECTED VIEW”, displaying an “Enable Editing” button. You will need to click this button if you want to see the row and column sums; otherwise they are displayed as zeros. The presentation of the Enable Editing button may vary between different spreadsheet programs and versions.
  5. Beware! The eBird API that this application uses suppresses data on sensitive species. If you have any checklists that contain sensitive species, you will need to add data for those species to the workbook manually. Similarly, the API will not download checklists that are hidden for any reason. If you have any hidden checklists you will have to enter their data manually. These are eBird policies; there is nothing this application can do about it.


Three options are available:

Include scientific names
When checked, this option includes a column of scientific names next to the English names.
Output web page
As described above, this option results in web page output instead of a workbook.
Sort by ascending date
This option causes checklists in the output report to be sorted in ascending order by date. This is especially useful with trip reports, which are originally sorted in descending order by date.

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